"Save Disney" is a movement that has been created with the intent of convincing the Walt Disney Company to bring certain properties owned by them back to their former glory and hopefully into another "Golden Age". Such properties include, but are not limited to: The Disney Channel, Disney XD (formerly Toon Disney) and Radio Disney.

Disney's "Golden Age" was at it's peak during the year 2005, when The Disney Channel was airing roughly 60% Cartoon Programming over 40% Live Action Programming, during a normal Friday. The steady decline started with very little things: Cartoon Programming began to be scheduled more during Late Night slots (often called "Graveyard Slots") than primetime slots and eventually rarely at all, Some of Disney's Classic Flagship Shows began to be pulled out of re-transmission (Such as Kim Possible, Lilo & Stitch: The Series, and Even Stevens), Newer Live Action Programming began to be scheduled back to back in order to fill in the empty spaces, etc.

Currently, in the year 2015, The Disney Channel is airing roughly 90% Live Action Programming over 10% Cartoon Programming, during a normal Friday... Which is a horrific change of direction within 10 Years. There should always be an almost equal balance of Cartoon and Live Action Programming, because it's always been the key to unlocking either imagination or life skills in children...

One of the greatest charms of the Walt Disney Company has always been it's belief in "Disney Magic", which has been known to come through via it's fantastic storytelling in cartoon medium. On TV, Disney Magic was best realized in shows such as Recess, Lilo & Stitch: The Series, Kim Possible, American Dragon: Jake Long, Phineas and Ferb, and Gravity Falls... Most of which are now dead, and forgotten by Disney!

In my view, the best way to "Save Disney" would be with friendly petitioning by the general public and for Disney Shareholders to vote NO on the Re-Election of CEO Bob Iger when his position becomes up for renewal on June 30th, 2018... Thank you for taking an interest in the "Save Disney" Movement.